Tuesday, December 18, 2007

party time

our son turns two in january, and i am trying to beat the rush and get his invitations made now. i had planned to use some kind of printable cards, but shopping time is scarce these days. i also haven't found any websites that sell what i was looking for at an affordable price.

i want my kids to have cute themed parties, but our budget doesn't allow a lot of money for that. so, i usually hit the dollar store around party time, and try to supplement with things from there. (careful, though, on plates - i bought some once and they were so thin, they were useless!) last year, i found his invites there, and they were so cute! this year - not so much luck. i did grab 2 packs of these generic ones, just in case. and the more i looked at them, the more i realized they had potential.

i printed off some wallet size photos of aj, and cropped the corners. i backed them with some yellow cardstock, and glued them inside the invite. better, but i still wanted more. so tonight, i hit walmart looking for stickers. i was thinking jungle animals, but then i found these car stickers and they just happened to have the number 2 on the side of the car! only 44 cents a sheet, and each one had 5 cars. so for under $5, i made all the invites i needed. and i think they turned out pretty cute! now i just need to design the cake...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


this is a place for me to write about my crafty ideas, to showcase finished objects, to share great crafty sites, and hopefully to inspire myself and others to create handmade art. thanks for stopping in.


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