Friday, January 11, 2008

have a ball

you may have the idea from my previous posts that i am one of those moms who think about nothing but their kids' birthday parties - yes, i love planning and throwing them, but now i am done until fall! on to new crafty adventures!

like sewing! i scored a $20 brother machine off craigslist a few months back, and i am finally dusting it off and working on a few things. i've been easing into this sewing thing - it's been awhile - hemming curtains and mending. but i finally found the perfect beginner project while on sew, mama, sew the other day.

aren't these adorable? i am making them for my kids and also for a few baby gifts i needed this month. i grabbed some bright cotton & cute flannel material at the wallyworld yesterday, and i can't wait to get started. i actually got 2 made yesterday, and emj has been carrying hers around ever since.

i'm thinking of some felt buttons for the ends, to hide my uneven seam matching, and in emj's i put a few small jingle bells that rattle when you shake it. i also thought some embroidery along the seams would be cute. they are so fast to make, i have a feeling they will be my go-to baby shower gifts from now on. i mean, i love to knit, but it takes time, people! and for a baby? really? when they outgrow it in the time it takes to blink?

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