Thursday, January 17, 2008

next up on the craft to do list...

finish the 4 pairs of pajama capris i found in my fabric stash! these were started at least 5 years ago - they barely fit now, but i think i've figured out what to do to fix that. i am going to lengthen the waist - these were below the belly style and as i've gotten older(fatter) i'm not such a fan of the lowrider look. i remember i was making them for christmas presents, ha! anyways, they are basically all done except for the hems and waistband. i had even ironed the hems and pinked all the edges. the fabrics are not really in style anymore, but since they will just get cereal bar wiped on them and spit up down the leg, does it really matter?

cross off alex's fleece nemo blanket - i finished it yesterday!

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