Friday, February 22, 2008

clean up time

my enormous stash contains fabrics and notions from my mother, both of my grandmothers, my college roommate, thrift stores, yard sales, and freecycle, and who knows how many retail stores. i love looking through it, the history of some of the fabric, remembering where i got them. but it also made me realize that i've been afraid to use it, afraid of not living up to the potential that some of it has. but no more! i'm running out of space, actually. so i'll be posting some new projects over the next 2 weeks.

i'm really enjoying getting back into crafting and sewing. my brain is whirring with ideas and i am finding uses for my stash left and right. over my life, i've dabbled in about every type of craft you can think of, and now i just see ways to combine all of that into making things that make me happy. and is there ever some great inspiration these days! i had no idea how many talented people were out there. check out some of my links if you have time.

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