Wednesday, February 6, 2008

my first quilt blocks!

while rummaging through my stash the other night, i came across these two blocks i made a few years ago. the crazy quilt was done at a library workshop, and it reminded me how much i miss where we used to live. the topeka library was awesome and brand new, designed by michael graves. they offered free craft classes and they would also snail mail you books that you had requested. awesome, i tell you. i miss my libraries! the lawrence library was awesome too, in different ways. i used to spend a lot of time in both.

the other patch i made up one day - and obviously had no idea what i was doing! the light blue is actually a sheer fabric, and the print is some kind of synthetic blend. probably not the best choices for quilting fabrics, duh. if i remember right, i was just anxious to try out my new "teach yourself to quilt" kit i had gotten for christmas. it had a rotary cutter, a small mat and quilter's ruler, pins, etc. so that is what i came up with, ha!

i know i also have a nine-patch somewhere, it was the beginnings of a potholder, oh, 7 years ago? if i can find it, i want to make it into a disappearing nine patch. i'm so excited to try that one!

meanwhile, back at the swaps, i drew up a pattern yesterday for my apron. i used my all time favorite apron as a guide, and i got all of the material cut out and pinned. today i am going to try to sew the hems and get the ties made. i'm making a test apron first, out of a scrap i found, but it looks like it will be cute.

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