Wednesday, February 20, 2008


whew. my mobile is mailed. it's all up to you, usps.

of course, as i was finishing it last night, i decided i didn't like the way it was hanging, it was about 3 beads too long on one set. but i had already tied everything off, so i decided to try to wiggle some beads about and broke the wire. of course. why leave well enough alone, i always say.

so i repaired it. then today, as i was trying to get some good photos of it, our son was becoming waaay too interested in it. and i knew any second i was going to blink, and that when i opened my eyes, there would be a pile of beads laying about. so i wrapped it and got it out of here before anything could happen to it! i so hope she likes it! i think it turned out well.


Amanda said...

Hi Tammie, I got your mobile yesterday (I think it actually arrived earlier, but it was at the post office) and it is lovely. Thank you so much! I hung it in our kitchen!

tammiemarie said...

Yay! I'm glad you like it!


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