Friday, February 1, 2008

tick tock

i have been procrastinating. i always do this when given a deadline. but i did prewash my fabric for the apron, and i dug out some wire and pliers to start bending the mobile supports. i figured i needed to do that first so i could decide what medium to make my mobile out of. but since i've never done it before - i'm just not sure what will happen!

i've been envisioning a spiral mobile, because i have some fantastic paper with circles on it that look like they are moving, kind of an optical illusion effect. so, idea for today is cutting out these circles and stringing them or sewing them onto a spiral wire base, so that they will look like they are in motion even when they are still. i hope it's not too head shop trippy, and instead has a touch of class though. the colors are very earthy, deep green, red, orange, and brown on a beige background. i also have some green paper with printed words on it, i thought about backing the circles with it.

so some final things to decide.
how big is this mobile going to be?
should the circle be adjacent to one another or should i space them with beads?
should i string them horizontal or vertical?

any ideas?

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