Saturday, March 29, 2008

brown bag it, no more!

as you can see from the button to your right, i am part of the lunchbox swap over at oh, fransson! i am excited about this one because it's a bit more challenging to me - forcing me to try something new. the tutorial for her vinyl covered lunchbox made from a vintage pillowcase? genius. but maybe a bit too much for my first time. plus, with the hubbs working nights now, travel to a fabric store is out. not to mention thrifting for a suitable pillowcase.

so i've been looking around for other ideas, and i think i've decided upon the one at supafine, here although i am only now realizing how beneficial flickr is as a source of inspiration. i found several styles there as well. i plan to sew a trial bag, hopefully tomorrow. troy said he'd take the kids somewhere for an hour or two so i can have a break. now i am ticking off the minutes until i can focus on sewing!

if this first bag is a success, i know i will make one for my mom. she takes her lunch to work all the time, and i'm certain she does so in a plastic bag! so this will be a perfect gift for her.

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