Sunday, March 2, 2008

crazy busy

Swap-bot swap:  Flirty Apron and Accessory Swap (US only)
I swap with Swap-bot!

i now have the swap fever - so i signed up for another apron swap.
i've been itching to make some more, and i found this one right as they closed it. sorry i couldn't give you any notice so you could join too!

i didn't get any crafting done this weekend, we're in the middle of some home improvements, and we had 2 parties to go to and i made a birthday cake. what, that's it? i know, i'm a slacker.

i've been reading a few craft books i picked up my last library trip. craft, inc. which is a great resource if you've thought about making money from your art. and where women create, which is just luscious and envy inspiring. all of these fabulous artists and their incredible studios. but it's a good read, giving a favorite quote from each and a little bio about them. cool.

i also picked up a few quilting books, so far my favorite is alex andersen's baby quilt book. (i'll edit this with the actual titles tomorrow) right now i am in the research stage of my first quilt - not because i'm not dying to get started, because i AM! but next weekend i'm going to tile our floors, and i have some painting to do. then my husband goes on night shift for 2 months. so things will be pretty crazy until may. and then of course it's spring, so we'll be outside working in the dirt. mmm, i can't wait for some yummy basil.

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