Saturday, March 22, 2008

more fun links!

i've been wanting to knit cakes since i saw the knitted cupcakes in oneskein, but here is a great pattern for a knitted slice of layer cake, yummo!

don't toss those broken crayon pieces! use them to make crayon cookies! (here's some more, & here too) i made some of these for my kids - let me warn you, mine didn't come out as great as theirs, i forgot they were in the oven & over melted them! they have a clear layer of wax on top, so only one side colors. ah, well. i used a regular size muffin pan, so they came out kind of flat. but i plan to try it again when the kiddos demolish another few boxes of crayolas.

i have not been brave enough to try this pattern yet - knitting for me needs to be something i can memorize & pick up/set down every row. but someday, i have to make this! if only because i love learning new ways to knit.

and finally, the next baby gift i plan to make, is a set of these cute blocks. these are going to be for my own little munchkin, so he can build towers right along with big bro & sis.

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