Thursday, March 6, 2008

tutu cute

this is the sweetest tutu i've seen. i especially love the model, she's so adorable! i am going to try to make these for all the girls in the family. hobby lobby has spools of tulle on sale this week. i figure this would be a good project for movie watching with the kids, no pins or beads or anything messy. wish me luck!

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Abby said...

Hi Tammie! I just found out today that you are my apron swap buddy - apparently there was a mix-up and I assumed I was too late with my entry. Anyway - I've actually got an apron already done waiting to be mailed out so I'll get on that on Monday. Sorry that you've been waiting! I did an apron swap on my blog, as well, which was TONS of fun and you're welcome to come take a peek at what we've all done over there -



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