Friday, April 18, 2008

bag envy

so i am probably the only slacker that doesn't have a good start on my lunchbox bag yet. i popped in to the flickr group and now i am feeling really sorry for my swap partner! there are some fantastic bags on there! i tried a bag of my own design, and it's just not coming together as i envisioned. i used an amy butler print, some solid brown and some natural material, and did a patchwork for the front and back. but i don't like the way the natural looks with it, i think all brown will be boring, and i have tried unsuccessfully to match the turquoise in the print. so i may throw in the towel and go with my backup, a brown floral with a matching turquoise lining. it will be cute too, but i really wanted to use the a.butler fabric as a way of compensating for my beginner seamstress skills.

anyways, since i am essentially starting over i decided to try a pattern this time, maybe i will be able to add in something special using someone else's design. i found this fun tute for a bagsket. i'd try this out tonight, the only drawback being that i don't have any heavyweight interfacing. i saw a similar design posted in the pool, using a store bought basket as a bottom. another idea i had was to knit a base out of cotton yarn, but i'm nervous about sewing fabric to the knitting. i've never combined that before. and i only have a week left!

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