Friday, April 4, 2008

cast on

i cannot wait for my husband to be off this crazy work schedule! 6 twelve hour shifts a week, at night, means no time for anything. i am hoping to have some time this weekend, when my folks come to visit, to work on my lunchbox and some other sewing.

meanwhile, i'm still whipping out washcloths left & right. there's something so satisfying to me about them. i still remember making my first one. it was a grandmother's favorite, and i was propped up in bed one night, slogging along, so thrilled when i finally hit 50 stitches and could start decreasing again. the only problem i have is that i don't need any more myself, and all the ones that i've given as gifts are still waiting to be used! has anyone else experienced that? no one wants to mess them up. my MIL is using them as doilies!

i still pass over any patterns which require actually keeping track of what row you're on, and any stitch patterns that change it up within each row. but knitting has become comfortable. and i also found that i've relaxed a lot in my tension. i was going to finish off a garter stitch facecloth i began about 2 years ago. i found it hiding on a stitch holder and decided just to complete it in garter. only, my stitches are so much looser now that i frogged the whole thing and made a different cloth altogether.

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