Monday, April 14, 2008

dishcloth swap#4

2 new washcloths, one new(to me) pattern.
find the waffle cloth pattern here
find the chinese waves pattern here

has anyone knit with the peaches & cream red yarn before? i am concerned about it bleeding in the wash. i know that my other colored cloths faded with repeated washings, but is the red worse? should i warn my swap partner about potential issues?

do try out the patterns though, they work up quickly and are easily memorized. i made my waffle pattern 2 cream color repeats shorter than called for (6 cream, 2 red, 4 cream), and i added the stripes to the waves pattern to make a matching set. i'm wishing i'd bought some of the mrs. meyers dish soap gift sets last christmas. they had small bottles, sold in sets of three, which would have been fun to include with these. next year i won't forget!

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Amanda said...

I've heard from one of my fellow knitters that the variegated red and white ran, but that was a mill end. I think they're lovely (thanks!) and I'm not worried about the running. I have red/burgundy towels, and wash my other new red items with them as a precaution.

Thanks again, they're great!


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