Friday, April 25, 2008

the end

have you ever been in a sewing relationship, and you just knew it wasn't going to work out, almost from the beginning? but, you had hopes and dreams so you stuck with it. you shop together, spending time, getting to know each other, but there are pitfalls all along the way. looking back, you knew you weren't right for one another. but finally, it happens, you break up over something fairly minor - maybe you run out of bobbin thread while topstitching - and you don't want to see that project for like, ten years, right?

that's how i feel about my tote. PLEASE, Kerri - don't take offense, your tutorial was great and if i had actually followed the instructions and thought about what i was doing and purchased the correct materials for the job, it would have had a happy ending.

ok, enough blather, let's just say that i kept screwing up on the tote, from the fabrics i chose - (too lightweight, & the print kept stretching out of square) - the interfacing - (sucked! wouldn't fuse! looks crappy & puckery on the fabric!) - to my topstitching (that i totally blame on the machine. topstitching is something i remember being very proud of being good at) and then i was supposed to do some math and that's where it all fell apart. tammie + numbers = disaster. i forgot to remove the allowance for the zippered pocket - which i left out on purpose - and so when i sewed up the lining it was too big for the bag. of course, i didn't try it on until after i sewed in the bottom. and that's when i threw in the towel. the thought of picking all five of those seams apart was too much. (EDIT- see, numbers again. that would be 8 seams to rip out)

she would have been rather cute, though. when i'm not feeling so frustrated with her, i will finish her up right. i wish i had done a better job, i think she'd have been perfect for my swap partner.

i think i am going to hold off on any more swaps right now, and just practice my seam-stress skills with out the -stress. i was excited over the lunchbox swap, because the criteria was really just "hey, make something prettier than a plastic bag to tote your lunch in". but then, the photos began to appear in the flickr pool and i panicked a bit because everyone is so advanced! there's embroidery and hand dyed things and applique! so i tried to do something a bit out of my range.

or maybe, it's just out of my sewing machine's range, i'm not sure. i'm thinking my $20 craig's list score may not be such a steal after all. i'm having issues with the tension, it doesn't appear to have any way to lengthen the stitches for basting, and it doesn't seem to feed stuff through very well. what do i know though? i haven't sewed in years and years, and i thought it would be like riding a bike. but i'm battling the "if i only had a ???" issues too. like, if i had a serger, if i had a craft room, if i had more time.


kerri said...

Aww Tammie, I feel for you. It's horrible when something doesn't work out. The picture of the bag looks really good though. Maybe someday when you've taken a break you can rescue it. :)

tammiemarie said...

I'm already feeling like fixing her up! I think I have enough blue to redo the lining (the right size this time) at which point she would be in pretty good shape. I would only be a day late mailing off my swap bag. Thanks for your sweet comments though! I'm planning to make this again in some heavier fabric.


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