Tuesday, April 1, 2008

finding my space

i have been trying to figure out where to have my craft room in this house. troy was generous & told me i could have the nook upstairs, with a window that looks out to the lake. but as tempting as that is, it's also right at the top of the stairs & part of the living room, which means that my mess would be visible. yikes! i also don't want to have to run downstairs to the iron, and i think i'd work on things more if they were on the main floor. the mudroom was calling to me, but troy didn't care for that idea.

so i've been tossing it around, & i think i am going to reshelve the laundry room. the shelves that are in there are fine, they just need to be repositioned and i can add 2 more. i'm going to paint the walls the pale blue of the adjoining bath, and the shelves a bright green (i think). then i can store all my supplies on the main floor. i've begun the process tonight, sorting out notions into a rolling cart and folding fabrics. i need to decide, though, if it can hold all my craft stuff or just my sewing. i have a big yarn stash too. and don't even get started on my cake stuff, troy about had a heart attack when he realized the pantry was full of decorating items.

i'll post some pics, although this project will probably take some time. i am hoping to be done by memorial day. wish me luck!

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