Saturday, April 26, 2008

gift giving

after waffling over whether to try to repair the tote or sending the simple toile bag, i decided to go with the toile. i stuffed it with a bunch of goodies that hopefully will bring a smile to her face! i included the latest issue of everyday foods, a tube of juiced berry v.s. lip gloss, a bag of assorted lindor truffles, some heather bailey and amy butler charm squares, and a starbuck's gift card. i love giving gifts!

good thing, because i have a baby shower to attend tomorrow! i wrapped it today, and i included one of my baby jingle balls, two bibs, a board book, binkies and some store boughtclothes. i just love baby clothes! i'm not brave enough to even think about sewing baby knits, but my friend aimee is! check out the cute stuff she's made!

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