Thursday, April 10, 2008

sewing sassy swap stuff

to my swap partner pinkaboo in the flirty apron swap - i hope your apron arrives tomorrow! i mailed it on the 31st, and like an idiot i just shipped it regular mail. which at the time seemed fine, but now that i am worrying over whether it's gotten there (& if you like it) , it seems like the extra cash would have been money well spent. my own apron hasn't come yet either, hopefully tomorrow! i can't wait to see it!

anyways, the summer sassy apron swap sign up is going on now. and yes, i am going to try this one out too! i have a new apron pattern that i want to make, it's a smock style with bias tape edges and it gives me an excuse to experiment with bias tape.

i also got a new look pattern for emma, a sweet little sundress & top and pants. i know i want to make the dress out of a green floral with pink trim, and maybe another style in a red floral. and i have a great dobby stripe which i think will be cute as the pants set.

i have a pretty full plate for the next month. by next week i need to mail off a dishcloth swap. then the following week the lunchbox is due (1/4 completed) and then the week after that is another dishcloth swap and mother's day apron swap deadline. eek! the good news is that i have a sitter for the older kids tomorrow night, so i am planning to pick up what i need to finish those projects. hopefully photos will be posted by sunday!


pinkaboo said...

tammie - I received my apron on Friday, and I just adore it! I love, love, love the pink and green fabric, and the ruffle at the bottom is terribly flirty! Thanks as well for the accessories and recipes - I can't wait to try them out. I don't know if I'll have the opportunity to post on my blog before I leave for a work trip, but I just wanted you to know that I absolutely LOVE everything you sent me!

tammiemarie said...

I'm so glad! I was really worried that something had happened to it, since it was taking so long to get there! Whew, what a relief, I'm so happy you like it!


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