Saturday, May 3, 2008

aprons everywhere

two more apron swaps coming up, and i can't wait to get my other partner so i can get started. the planning takes me longer than it should. that's one reason why i don't think i'd have enjoyed interior design. i love the idea of doing it, but not the reality of making decisions! anyways, i know i'd like to make a smock apron. i need to make it for myself and see how the size runs.

ahem, if my swap partner is reading this, i really love full aprons. i (used to) bake a lot and i always wear (wore) one while i decorate cakes. so please, no tulle, or rhinestones, or anything along those lines. pockets and a button to hang a towel from would be way more appreciated. and i adore embroidery, if that's your thing. but if you are just dying to make a "for looks only" apron, that's ok too. i will wear it (someday) at my craft booth while i sell delicious desserts and handmade stuff.

hmm, what else is new. i really want to make some clothes, but when i start to do it, i remember why i don't. i hate unfinished seams, and i hate finishing them, and until i get a serger it just seems pointless. all that's left for me to do on emma's ruffled skirt is the hem and waistband, but i got disgusted looking at all those ugly edges, and i hung it up. ok, and because it's too big for her, that's another reason. if she can't wear it now, why finish it, that's my motto!

we are having a bunch of company in a couple of weeks, so i have got to get my craft piles under control. hopefully this week will be when it all starts to come together. i have made a little progress around here. mostly in my mind.

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kerri said...

I know what you mean about the raw edges on clothing. They make me cringe. One great way of dealing with seams is to sew french seams, or flat -felled seams. I use these wherever I can and love them.

I'm completely excited about the apron swap too! It's a great idea to write a post about the kind of thing you're interested in receiving. I might have to do the same thing.


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