Friday, May 23, 2008

the best laid plans...

sorry for not chatting more, things are still hectic around here! my husband is finally off of his night schedule after almost three months, so he took off the entire week. and strangely, i find i am more productive when he's not around! is anyone else like that? he's been the crafty one, building the kids a wood fort complete with slide, climbing wall, and picnic table! we still need to put on the roof, the sandbox and the trapeze bar.

anyways, we've also been preparing for a big weekend. first, a fishing tournament and camp-out on the lake. then our kids are getting baptised on sunday, followed by lunch at our house. then tuesday i am hosting bunco here. which means i have been planning menus and cleaning like a mad woman!

i made two pies today, and have two to make tomorrow. i tried a new recipe, for cranberry pie. i threw in a sprinkle of dried cherries and a dash of almond extract. i think it could use something else, but it's pretty tasty as it is. tart and full of flavor, the taste lingers on your tongue. but in a pleasant way, not in that cloying perfume kind of way. i think i added a 1/4 c. more sugar, and had a few less cranberries than it wanted. we'll see what the verdict is tomorrow. i am thinking it also needs to be warm with a big scoop of breyer's vanilla.

the other pie i made was a pecan pie and this is the third time i've made it. the first two, i didn't get to taste before they were all gone! i like that it doesn't use karo, too messy! i am also going to make a sour cream apple, and a chocolate cream pie. yummo! it's been so long since i got to just bake.

the buffet i decided on for the baptism luncheon is:
spinach dip
twice baked potato bites
pickled cucumbers and onions
salad bar
grilled salmon and chicken
rocky road brownies
lemon bars

the potato and dessert recipes are in the latest everyday food magazine, and they are all make ahead dishes i can do tomorrow. i already made the pasta salad for the bbq saturday. we're smoking ribs and pork roasts, and mom's bringing beans and who knows what else. we always have so much food.

and finally, for bunco - i know this is fascinating stuff, right! - i am thinking of a platter of little sandwiches, cut in quarters with toothpicks in them. and then spinach dip because i never get sick of that. and for dessert, i may try the new one kraft is pimping everywhere, the strawberry cool whip oreo one that is advertised all over the place?! it's a make ahead frozen dessert and sounds super easy. i just hope that easy=delish.

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