Saturday, May 3, 2008


so here's my latest apron creation! i made this for a mother's day swap. i'm hoping she'll enjoy it, it's a nice weight and even though i'm not a fruity kind of gal, i really like this cherry print. i think it's the black background and the bright green stems! it's hard to tell in the photos - terrible lighting - but the solid red is actually tiny white polka dots. i started with a simplicity pattern for this one, but i abandoned it right away.

choosing the fabrics took me forever! the polka dot i found a couple weeks ago, but it's pretty thin, so i knew i wanted another material to go with it. i had picked up a couple of florals, but i think those will go into a summer dress for emma. i found the cherries yesterday afternoon while in lawrence with the kids. so i whipped this out after bedtime last night! i used the apron pattern for the skirt, pocket and ties, but made my own waistband so it would be wider. i also love the rick-rack ends on the ties. the apron is wide enough to cover the sides of your thighs, which is where i always wipe my hands.

i tucked this in a box with a hand-knit dish scrubbie, an oxo wooden spoon, recipe cards, and a couple of chocolates. now it's on it's way to it's new home!

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