Saturday, May 10, 2008

yummy fabrics

i don't do a lot of fabric shopping online, simply because i can't afford to pay shipping on top of it all. but if i could, i would drop a bundle at warm biscuit. i just found their site today while looking for a brown polka dot for an apron i'm making. of course, they have the perfect fabric to complement this cupcake print, but at $12 a yard, with a 2 yard minimum and $8 shipping, it's too much for me to spend. arrgh. all i need is a small piece for the center panel! i am having the hardest time finding a brown print to finish this out!

i'm planning to make the two-tone apron from handmade kate. the how-to video is available over at the new sewing republic, although i can't get the pdf to open. but i think i can figure the pattern out, besides, i may add a bib to it. but wouldn't it be scrumptious in this!
Brown Multi Dot - click to enlarge

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Yarni Gras! said...

I love the fabric you've pick out!


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