Tuesday, June 24, 2008

bias bliss

i think for the summer napkin swap i will be using this tutorial. it seems like all i can think about now is using homemade bias tape on everything! i have some great black and white mini dot fabric to use. this time i will try this method, also in bend the rules sewing, where you stitch a tube and then cut your tape? it just seems to take me a long time to get mine made, so if this hurries the process that would be great!

i'm trying to plan out what i want to tackle next. my next project should be folding and taking stock of my stash. i'm not sure where i'll be storing it, though, so that makes it hard to get organized. excuses, i know! so for tonight, i will relax and bake an apple pie, and call it a day with some knitting. see you later!

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