Monday, June 30, 2008

bringing sexy back

i think i will take a vacation from crafting this week. i laid ceramic tile in our kitchen yesterday, for nine hours straight, and my body hates me for it! the plus side is that it looks good, and puts us one step closer to completion after a year and a half of constant work. i should be able to finish the floor by the end of the holiday weekend. yay!

i am gearing up to make myself a couple of new nightgowns. don't worry, i won't be posting any boudoir portraits of myself - not on this site anyways! (just kidding!) i have this pretty cotton nightie i got when i was pregnant with my first. it was on the clearance rack at target for almost nothing, and it was a size xl. which, being pregnant, meant it was only too big in top. (and let's just be honest here - it would be too big in the top if it were a medium!) i wore this nightie through the second and third pregnancy too, and i am actually wearing it right now! it's way too big, the straps don't stay up and it's getting pretty ratty. i originally planned to take it up somehow, but it has smocking and embroidery and never seemed worth the effort.

so, as part of my "make me over, i'm a mom" campaign (which includes mandatory pedicures and buying clothes that aren't track suits), i need to upgrade my sleepwear. i found a few thin cottons in my stash that will be perfect for replacements. i am going to attempt to make a pattern from this one and modify it to fit me and my small boobies. and once i recover from the abuse i put my body through yesterday, i might be able to push the foot pedal on the sewing machine! owww. i didn't even know i had muscles in some of the places i hurt.

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