Friday, June 20, 2008


so jc picked the state fair apron, and it will be on it's way today! what a relief to keep crossing things off of my list. at naptime today i should be able to complete the independence apron, a cute navy blue & star print two-tone apron. she was pretty specific in her request - no holiday (?) and no country. hmm. i hope this one will be modern enough to fit the bill, and i am trying to minimize the red so that it can be worn all year instead of just july. it does have red dots around the stars, but they're tiny and don't stand out too much.

i am also hoping to get started on the tutu for tomorrow's party. i've never made one, but it looks pretty simple. i have a gift to give her in case i don't get finished, tying all of those knots could be time consuming! knowing me, i'll probably be finishing it on the drive to kc tomorrow! i did find my washcloth stash, so that's another thing off of my list. phew!

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