Friday, June 20, 2008

i see stars

yay! here's my apron for the independence swap (only 5 days late, how pathetic!) another two-tone apron, this time i chose to use matching thread for the topstitching because as i mentioned, she asked for no holiday. if i were making this for me, i would have used a third fabric, a flag print with matching stars. and probably red thread. but i think it's pretty cool and would work, if not all year, at christmas too. what do you think? i sent it along with a handmade card using red paper and the star fabric, some flag print paper plates, red napkins, and "fireworks" skewers.

i decided to send the pink polka dot to the tornado relief project going on in missouri. lucy's apron angels. i think it's a sweet concept, sending a handmade apron to women who have lost homes or property in a storm. she said the community was meeting their needs for clothing, etc., and this is just a gesture of support, woman to woman. and i know how happy i am when i get an apron in the mail, so i want to spread the apron love around! if you're interested, let lucy know!

i am so proud of myself for the way all of these aprons have turned out! i finished all of the seams with what i believe is called a french seam, so the rough edges are enclosed? or in the state fair apron, i used bias tape to cover the inside seams. they have a much nicer finish to them, and now if i could just get my stitching even and straight, i think my projects would look really professional. i keep blaming my machine, but it's probably just lack of practice.


S&S Kristin Rohan said...

Hello Tammie - thank you so much for my wonderful package. I wrote about you:

You are very talented and I appreciate your effort. I can't wait to make a holiday picnic and use all my treats. Thanks for your generosity and your creativity. I will treasure the apron.

Kristin Rohan

Yarni Gras! said...

sooooo cute and I love the goodies you included!


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