Sunday, June 22, 2008

lazy days

how sad is it that i need to have a swap deadline to motivate me to work on a project? i've spent too much time today reading a celebrity magazine my MIL gave me yesterday! of course, i had already cleaned the house and van out before i began lounging, but still. i could be creating!

i did my first quilting project this weekend. i had some baby bibs cut out and ready to sew, and thought, hmm, why not give it a whirl? so i did. i just started stitching around in a swirly pattern. i'm sure i did it completely wrong! but after washing and drying it, i like the texture it gives. there's a great how-to here. i'm not crazy about how the free-form quilting looks on the sports print, but i love it on the stripes!

i didn't get the tutu made, but when we got to the party the birthday girl was already wearing one! so i was ok with it. it would have been a bit awkward had i showed up with my version, you know? but i have another one year old party next month, and i think i will try to make one for her. i have some pink and lavender tulle spools and the elastic just waiting to become a frothy party skirt!

1 comment:

Teresa said...

Very nice bib...I like the quilting too!


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