Thursday, June 19, 2008

decisions, decisions

i decided to let my swap partner choose her apron, either the blue branch print (that is awaiting it's pocket and ties), the polka dot two-tone apron, or the red fair print (in the next post, scroll down). that's sort of fun for me, to see which one she likes best! so have fun "shopping", jc!

this blue branch print has light green ties and pocket, and white bias trim. the green leaves have a red outline, white branches, and the grey-blue background has tiny specks in it. the photo's not very good (do i say that a lot? i need to improve my skills!) so it's hard to see.

i love the pink polka dots and i used bright pink thread for all the topstitching, which is really cute too. i made it using a fabulous video/tutorial on bernina's new site, the sewing republic. the author of the tute is handmade kate, her site is great, you should visit! there are other project ideas at the sewing republic, and they have added more each time i visit. cool stuff.

i am going to get all of the navy bias tape cut out tonight for my final apron of the week. it's going to be really cute, but my husband has asked me to lay off the sewing machine for the evening. he's trying to sleep and the noise was keeping him up. i'm actually the only one awake, which is prime crafting time for me, but he's just exhausted so i'll call it a night, and do some knitting while i watch a mighty heart.

i cannot wait to have a space to myself when we get our remodeling done! the dining table is just not working out! i have to work in short spurts of time, but i can't leave my things out because of our babies. we have a three year old, a two year old, and a soon to be nine month old. they all are very interested in the sewing machine. even the baby has crawled over and "helped" me by pushing on the foot pedal while i was sewing! luckily, no damage was done! so half of my time is spent dragging my supplies out of the laundry room. we should be done with the upstairs by the end of the summer, and i am so excited!

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