Monday, July 28, 2008

paint in my hair

and under my nails! i started painting this weekend, and we are ordering our carpet later this week. they did a knockdown texture on all the walls and ceilings, which turned out great. the walls were pretty wonky, so some of the seams aren't straight, but what an improvement over the tan paneling and knotty pine seams. and i'm painting all the walls and ceilings the same color so that it will help hide the flaws. they are putting in our windows today!

i also painted the laundry room shelves and walls, and now i am filling them up with my craft supplies. my goal is to use up enough of my fabric stash that it will all fit on one of the long shelves. i've decided to sacrifice my craft room upstairs in order for all three kids to each have their own room. we've been having the boys share a room, but now we're going to put the crib in the guest room instead. there's a closet up there where i can store my sewing machines.

ok, enough about home improvements! my pepper jelly looks like honey, but the pectin box said it can take 2 weeks for it to fully set. so i'm still hoping it comes out. i made another pillow for the living room. i'm in two fabric swaps right now, one for 6 inch "i-spy" squares and one for vintage sheets and fabric squares. i only have about half of what i need for that one, and i had hoped to go shopping the other day but that didn't work out so well. the kids were being unruly, so we didn't make it to the thrift store. maybe this week.

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Amanda said...

If you want a fun dish cloth related thing to try, try Dish Rag Tag

I did it last year, and it was Serious Knitting Fun.


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