Saturday, July 19, 2008


this is starting to get boring. i need a new pattern! this apron is so darn comfortable though. i was thinking of altering it into a sundress, what do you think? you never see halters with a neck like that, do you? but it's really easy for me to wear. the kind that tie behind the neck always gap across my flat chest. anyways, this one has red topstitching, and guess what? i still have bias tape left over. two aprons, baby bibs, and it's still going strong!

and i made some cloth napkins, they were super easy. the prints are a little country for me, but they should hide stains well. troy took the kids for a few hours today, so i was able to get in some sewing time. although i did spend a chunk of it with the couch and the tv.

and really, how much can i get accomplished when my fabrics are all packed up and stored in the garage while we finish sheet rocking the upstairs? the end is in sight, i should be able to paint and set up my new craft area in the next few weeks!

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