Thursday, July 24, 2008

we shall see...

well, i haven't made it very far on my to-do list. i've made some headway sorting through our junk and i've got a truckload ready to go to charity. and, as always happens when sorting through piles, i found recipes i want to try, and more unfinished projects. i did make the zucchini bread, it was wonderful and i didn't give it away. i plan to make another loaf (from the largest zucchini ever grown! seriously huge.) and i can't stop "designing" the upstairs, trying to figure out what color paint and carpet to get. exciting!! i've never got to make a room from scratch, it rocks!

so i canned some jelly instead. i had a bunch of assorted peppers, so i made a pepper jelly. green bell, yellow/green bells, jalepenos, and two italian peppers. my dad had picked them all from a friend's garden and i am hoping it turns out! every time i've tried canning, it's been a disaster in one way or another.

once, in our old house, i boiled out all of the water in my saucepot and my salsa jars exploded, what a mess. another time i made tomato sauce. it wasn't tasty. all that work and i didn't even like it. this time i tried my pressure cooker. i frightened our daughter when i released the pressure - she hates loud noises - and then when i popped the lid the water boiled up and scalded my hand. i can't believe i jumped back quickly enough to avoid burning my legs. oh, and i thought powdered pectin is what you bought to make liquid pectin with. it comes in a box like jello. but no, they are different. so will my jalepeno jelly set up correctly? we shall see.

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