Wednesday, August 20, 2008

deep thoughts?

i miss my sewing machine! i have had zero time to play, what with painting and obsessing over carpet colors. i am working on a scalloped baby blanket(BTR) for a friend's new baby. it is sewn, awaiting only the topstitching and some polka dot appliques. i am hoping to work on it friday evening. i am in love with it, even if my machine and i had a few battles during it's construction. i also made a tote bag for emma, the perfect size for a coloring book and crayons.

my biggest challenge lately is that if i can't make something that is completely fabulous, i don't feel like i should. there's enough crap in the world already, you know? do we need another stuffed animal? another pillow? i personally have too many bags - should i be making myself another? now, clothes, of course, are different. i always need new clothes! anyways, i have been considering that more as i think of projects. (don't make fun of me next week when i show off something frivolous, i'm just having a moment!)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

more skirts

here's a look at the other skirt i made her. the skirt is actually pink, but she wanted to wear the purple shirt. she has very definite ideas about her wardrobe, let me tell you. it's cute too, but the upper band puckers around her hips. maybe it's too long? oh well, it's finished. onward!

twirly girl

well, the twirly skirt couldn't be easier to make. i think i should have made the bow out of the fabric, the ribbon is a bit too cutesy. i also think i mismeasured somewhere, the band at the bottom should be longer. it's almost too short, and it rides up in the rear. emma loves it though!

my favorite thing about this skirt was that there are only two seams that are'nt finished, the side seams, and i pinked those. so it should wash up without becoming a big mess of threads. if i make it again - probably - i will add a little extra in width in order to enclose those seams as well.

stash busting!

yay! i oiled my machine and it's running like a dream now! i finished a skirt for emma, using the tute at grand revival designs. the shame - i actually started this skirt for easter, but realized it would be too big for her to wear and set it aside. anyways, now it's done and fits her and she can wear it to preschool. i also cut out a dress i've been planning to make for her all summer, only i'm changing the fabrics to make it more fall-appropriate. new look 6796. and finally i cut out material for a twirly skirt, using the last of this floral that i've made an apron and lined a bag with. hooray!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

sewing woes

i am dying to sew. only, my machine is acting all sorts of goofy, i can't get the tension right and the bobbin thread is snarly. i believe that my brother would like some oil. only i don't seem to have any, and i'm not up to a trip to walmart with the three munchkins today. i do have another machine, an old sears/kenmore that i haven't used in years. i'm sure it could use some oil as well. i wonder if i could use the oil that came with my hair clippers?

i got some of my i-spy squares yesterday, fun animal prints and even a crocodile, my son's favorite! and i am excited to see what else is on the way. i also found some great vintage pillowcases at the thrift store. i am planning my apron for the sassy swap, i'm thinking red and cream ticking. it's supposed to be a more durable apron this time around, think holiday baking and all. so i'm planning the ticking with red gingham ties, maybe some embroidery or an apple pocket. hmm. and surprise, i'm using the same apron pattern! shocking, i know. didn't see that one coming.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


only thirty more squares to cut and i'll be mailing them out tomorrow!

now i have a bunch of cut up soft sheets that need to be made into something else. pajama pants, anyone? one of these days.

i'm not sure why i never realized this before, but i've been adding all of my favorite sites to my yahoo page. duh. the whole reason i started this blog was to group all the blogs i like in one place, but this is nice too. i can see at a glance if there's new content and since i check my email several times a day - that's how my hubs and i communicate while he's at work - i can keep up even better now! so if (like me) you're a few years behind the times, go check it out. another favorite thing is pandora (free internet radio) - troy got us a fm transmitter and we broadcast whatever we want to listen to through our stereo. isn't life great?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

go, me!

today i decided to spend the day in the kitchen. we've had generous neighbors and family delivering loads of produce. why plant a garden ourselves? i made two loaves of zucchini-pineapple bread, shredded and froze another 6 cups of zucchini for future baking, froze tomatoes, made refrigerator pickles, and made bierocks (or cabbage biscuits, as my husband's family calls them) my mother-in-law makes the yummiest cabbage biscuits. we request them all the time. homemade bread with beef and cabbage and cheese inside. but she doesn't use a recipe, she's just been doing it so long it's a habit. she tried to tell me how once, and mine came out awful. but we had this head of cabbage his uncle slick had given us from his garden.

so i found a recipe and gave it a try. they actually were pretty good for a first attempt. the bread was tasty, but i need to work on how much filling and how thin to roll the dough. they were misshapen and some of the cheese leaked out on a couple. oh, and i burnt them a bit on the bottom. i was letting them rise in the oven on 170* to speed things up and then i just increased the temp to 350* without removing them. so the preheat cooked them fast on the bottom. it made about 20, so i froze a bunch. but our house reeks. cabbage isn't the nicest smell when it's cooking.

i did get a lot of my squares cut today. i'm a third of the way done cutting squares for the sheet swap. i did some more painting and overall i am happy with how productive i was today!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


sorry for the spotty posting. we're knee deep in home improvements, so the only craftyness happening is in the form of organization. i am slowly getting the laundry room converted for my crafts. i think it's small size will help me to reduce my stash. i only have two shelves to devote to fabrics. yikes! some of it will have to stay in plastic tubs elsewhere until i reduce my stash.

i did get my i-spy squares cut for a swap i'm in. i am excited about making a quilt for my kids. i want to make them each one to keep in the car. even thought the last thing any of them need is another blanket!

today i am cutting out sheet squares for another swap. i have to cut 200! 10 each of 20 fabrics. i can't wait to see what i get in return! another quilt project in the making!

finally, i am hoping to make two baby blankets today or tomorrow. i am trying out the scalloped edge blankie from bend the rules.

Fields of Gold Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Fields of Gold Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!


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