Thursday, August 7, 2008


only thirty more squares to cut and i'll be mailing them out tomorrow!

now i have a bunch of cut up soft sheets that need to be made into something else. pajama pants, anyone? one of these days.

i'm not sure why i never realized this before, but i've been adding all of my favorite sites to my yahoo page. duh. the whole reason i started this blog was to group all the blogs i like in one place, but this is nice too. i can see at a glance if there's new content and since i check my email several times a day - that's how my hubs and i communicate while he's at work - i can keep up even better now! so if (like me) you're a few years behind the times, go check it out. another favorite thing is pandora (free internet radio) - troy got us a fm transmitter and we broadcast whatever we want to listen to through our stereo. isn't life great?

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