Wednesday, August 20, 2008

deep thoughts?

i miss my sewing machine! i have had zero time to play, what with painting and obsessing over carpet colors. i am working on a scalloped baby blanket(BTR) for a friend's new baby. it is sewn, awaiting only the topstitching and some polka dot appliques. i am hoping to work on it friday evening. i am in love with it, even if my machine and i had a few battles during it's construction. i also made a tote bag for emma, the perfect size for a coloring book and crayons.

my biggest challenge lately is that if i can't make something that is completely fabulous, i don't feel like i should. there's enough crap in the world already, you know? do we need another stuffed animal? another pillow? i personally have too many bags - should i be making myself another? now, clothes, of course, are different. i always need new clothes! anyways, i have been considering that more as i think of projects. (don't make fun of me next week when i show off something frivolous, i'm just having a moment!)

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