Wednesday, August 6, 2008

go, me!

today i decided to spend the day in the kitchen. we've had generous neighbors and family delivering loads of produce. why plant a garden ourselves? i made two loaves of zucchini-pineapple bread, shredded and froze another 6 cups of zucchini for future baking, froze tomatoes, made refrigerator pickles, and made bierocks (or cabbage biscuits, as my husband's family calls them) my mother-in-law makes the yummiest cabbage biscuits. we request them all the time. homemade bread with beef and cabbage and cheese inside. but she doesn't use a recipe, she's just been doing it so long it's a habit. she tried to tell me how once, and mine came out awful. but we had this head of cabbage his uncle slick had given us from his garden.

so i found a recipe and gave it a try. they actually were pretty good for a first attempt. the bread was tasty, but i need to work on how much filling and how thin to roll the dough. they were misshapen and some of the cheese leaked out on a couple. oh, and i burnt them a bit on the bottom. i was letting them rise in the oven on 170* to speed things up and then i just increased the temp to 350* without removing them. so the preheat cooked them fast on the bottom. it made about 20, so i froze a bunch. but our house reeks. cabbage isn't the nicest smell when it's cooking.

i did get a lot of my squares cut today. i'm a third of the way done cutting squares for the sheet swap. i did some more painting and overall i am happy with how productive i was today!

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