Tuesday, August 12, 2008

sewing woes

i am dying to sew. only, my machine is acting all sorts of goofy, i can't get the tension right and the bobbin thread is snarly. i believe that my brother would like some oil. only i don't seem to have any, and i'm not up to a trip to walmart with the three munchkins today. i do have another machine, an old sears/kenmore that i haven't used in years. i'm sure it could use some oil as well. i wonder if i could use the oil that came with my hair clippers?

i got some of my i-spy squares yesterday, fun animal prints and even a crocodile, my son's favorite! and i am excited to see what else is on the way. i also found some great vintage pillowcases at the thrift store. i am planning my apron for the sassy swap, i'm thinking red and cream ticking. it's supposed to be a more durable apron this time around, think holiday baking and all. so i'm planning the ticking with red gingham ties, maybe some embroidery or an apple pocket. hmm. and surprise, i'm using the same apron pattern! shocking, i know. didn't see that one coming.

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