Monday, September 29, 2008

cool site

if you've never heard of craftsbury kids, it's a great place to find gifts for the kids in your life. tons of adorable, handmade, one of a kind toys, dolls, and other stuff too! to learn more about the artists who contribute to their site, check it out here. i get their emails, which let me know about new items or sales going on. thought i'd share, as they are giving away a ton of loot!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sarsaparilla Skirt & Vest GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Sarsaparilla Skirt & Vest GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

this is way too cute. i can see emma jane riding around the living room on her stick pony already, i hope i win!

tag, you're it!

in case you've been wondering what that little bar is on the right - i've been playing tag! dish rag tag, that is. this is the 2nd year (my first) and it was a lot of fun. 300 people all over the country compete with each other to knit a pattern and ship it, yarn, and goodies to the next on their team. whoever gets it back to the start first wins! there are lots of prizes for other things, like most battered box or most stuff crammed inside. my team is looking like we may come in 4th! the pattern will be posted once the race ends, so be sure to check out her site. the cloth was a nice pattern and easy to knit, but not boring. i know that i will play again next year.

sassy apron

this is the apron i got in the fall swap. i love the bias trim, and the tiny floral fabric. it's a different style, i don't have one like it, so it's a perfect addition to my (ever growing) collection! thanks!

flirty apron

this cute apron came a few weeks ago, and i love it! i may have to make one like this, it's very flattering on. she also sent matching hot pads - that look like pies! they have lattice tops with the apple print underneath. i am so copying her idea!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

it's all her fault

i have been cleaning like crazy - i have another pile of things for charity and a few bags of trash. when did i become such a pack rat? tonight i went through an entire crate of paper scraps. like, card stock, and note cards i stamped, and all of the cards from our wedding, and photos from grade school. i plan to scan them in and post them on facebook. in one of our class photos, my bff in grade school, jennifer davenport, has on a mork tee-shirt! too funny!

anyways, what does that have to do with craftiness? i suppose it's that for years (and years), i've burdened myself with all of this stuff. feeling like it's my responsibility somehow to reuse and appreciate every little bit of ephemera i come across. but no more! i am decluttering. i also realized how much of this ridiculousness comes from my mom. i found a newspaper clipping, of my horoscope on the day i was born...pinned to a scrap of gift wrap, which i assume was a baby gift. my mom wants every thing to be a celebration. everything has special significance and any event is a reason to surprise someone. so blame her for the piles of stuff in our home.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

show and tell

first - the apron i made for the flirty apron swap. i made it with the duet pattern. it was easy and cute - although sewing those busy patterns was hard on my eyes! does that mean i'm getting old?

second - an apron i made for emma - i love it! she looks so cute in it!

and finally - a squirrel applique from the long thread. so fun and quick! i put one on a tee for emma, and another on a tote bag. i can see making more of these, i'd love an owl. and a bunny. and a cat. and a dog. and a horse...

Friday, September 12, 2008


first, some polka dot loveliness that i received in the square swap. there are so many cute fabrics, these are just a few, i can't wait to start playing with them. it was a great swap, thanks katie for hosting it! i may start one of my own, anybody interested?

second, photos of my sassy apron. i started out with the lorelai pattern in "a is for apron" but i kept messing with it. the theme was fall, and she liked red, so i decided on the cream/red/brown combo. it reminds me of gingerbread men. i made a patchwork hot mat and sent some recipe cards, including sour cream apple pie.

finally, work on the maya quilt progresses, slowly... i am ready to applique on the dots, but i am stumped about how to quilt it. squares? diamonds? do i quilt through the dots or go around them? i've never "quilted" before so i am nervous and looking for a simple, pretty way to finish it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

take a break

i guess, for now, i am on vacation? i hope to get back to my craftiness soon, but they just put in our new carpet and now i need to put our house back together! i also have some painting to finish up. see you soon!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

so far behind!

i know, i know. i've missed you too! we're just super busy around here with the house - new carpet is coming next week, and i tiled the bathroom and entry hall. so soon i will have pictures of our new home. meanwhile, i have been hard at work on my dishcloth for dishrag tag - the sequel. i got the box yesterday and mailed it off today! it's a cute pattern too, with a seed stitch border. but i can't share it yet! it will be posted at yarnmiracle when the race is over. go team!

i am also anxiously awaiting my vintage sheet swap package. i found some great fabrics, i can't wait to see what i get in return! 200 6 inch squares should be coming soon, maybe i will finally get around to making that quilt.

finally, i have been working on my craft space. i am making a curtain to hide my thread and notions drawers from tiny toddler fingers. i unpacked a lot of my stash into piles sorted by color and pattern. i am loving the idea of a polka dot/gingham quilt. i've started thinking about christmas gifts too, so i need to get some kind of a game plan.

i need to post about my apron swaps too, but i don't have photos to share yet. please bear with me!


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