Wednesday, September 3, 2008

so far behind!

i know, i know. i've missed you too! we're just super busy around here with the house - new carpet is coming next week, and i tiled the bathroom and entry hall. so soon i will have pictures of our new home. meanwhile, i have been hard at work on my dishcloth for dishrag tag - the sequel. i got the box yesterday and mailed it off today! it's a cute pattern too, with a seed stitch border. but i can't share it yet! it will be posted at yarnmiracle when the race is over. go team!

i am also anxiously awaiting my vintage sheet swap package. i found some great fabrics, i can't wait to see what i get in return! 200 6 inch squares should be coming soon, maybe i will finally get around to making that quilt.

finally, i have been working on my craft space. i am making a curtain to hide my thread and notions drawers from tiny toddler fingers. i unpacked a lot of my stash into piles sorted by color and pattern. i am loving the idea of a polka dot/gingham quilt. i've started thinking about christmas gifts too, so i need to get some kind of a game plan.

i need to post about my apron swaps too, but i don't have photos to share yet. please bear with me!

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