Wednesday, September 24, 2008

it's all her fault

i have been cleaning like crazy - i have another pile of things for charity and a few bags of trash. when did i become such a pack rat? tonight i went through an entire crate of paper scraps. like, card stock, and note cards i stamped, and all of the cards from our wedding, and photos from grade school. i plan to scan them in and post them on facebook. in one of our class photos, my bff in grade school, jennifer davenport, has on a mork tee-shirt! too funny!

anyways, what does that have to do with craftiness? i suppose it's that for years (and years), i've burdened myself with all of this stuff. feeling like it's my responsibility somehow to reuse and appreciate every little bit of ephemera i come across. but no more! i am decluttering. i also realized how much of this ridiculousness comes from my mom. i found a newspaper clipping, of my horoscope on the day i was born...pinned to a scrap of gift wrap, which i assume was a baby gift. my mom wants every thing to be a celebration. everything has special significance and any event is a reason to surprise someone. so blame her for the piles of stuff in our home.

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