Sunday, October 19, 2008

baby fever

i finally finished it! the maya quilt is done. and quite cute, if i do say so myself! i can't wait to make another one. i have a nephew due in a little over a month, so my next blanket will be for him. i have a sweet doggy print picked out, along with some vintage yellow rickrack and probably a gingham binding. also on the machine right now are two apple picking totes - they are almost done and i can't wait to show them off!

speaking of babies - i just found out a good friend is expecting baby #2! yippee! for them and me, because now i get to make more baby gifts!

and finally, there are babies in need, and i want to help. do you knit or crochet? if so, consider making a cap for save the children's knit one save one campaign. i've only made one baby cap before, so hopefully i can come up with something wearable and warm. the pdf packet includes patterns for both knit and crochet. i have some beautiful yellow yarn i think will work well.

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