Tuesday, October 14, 2008

be my partner?

aargh! i missed the signups for the winter sassy apron swap! i've been meaning to check on it, and missed it by a couple of days. and of course, this one is awesome and all about cookies. grr. did anyone else miss it and want to be my partner? the swap is for a cookie themed apron, and you need to include a cookie cutter and a cookie recipe, plus any extra cookie things you'd like. let me know and we can swap addresses!

i made another batch of applesauce last night, only this time i reduced the amount of sugar and cinnamon and i'm much happier with the results. i also made an apple coffee cake, and have eaten about half of it by myself. not good, people. i was wanting to drop a couple pounds so i can fit in my winter clothes (they are all prebaby sizes, i've been knocked up for the last couple years!). between that and my new hankering for hot wings, i'll probably have to get a whole new wardrobe. maybe my new apron could cover it all up?

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