Thursday, October 30, 2008


if you're already in the holiday mood, like me, run over and join the swap at sewliberated. we don't have a lot of "traditional" traditions in our families, but i think that's what makes it special and fun. like, how my mother in law waits until a day or two before christmas and then goes out on her farm and finds the ugliest cedar tree around, cuts it down, and plunks it in her sun room. then she throws tinsel at it , hangs lights and pretties, and voila! christmas time is here! the smell of the fresh cedar is great, and with a fire in the pot belly stove, full tummies and some good beer, we have a great time.

i'll be sharing more of these unique bits of our holiday lives over the next two months, and i'd love it if you'd share too. leave me a comment, or post about it on your own blog! and don't forget to join the swap, sign ups end november 9th! and i've set a goal to make one handmade thing for each special person in my life this christmas. look for lots of links to tutorials and pics of completed stuff. i'm in the crafting zone, i tell you!

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