Monday, October 13, 2008

get it done, already

so, in an effort to once again reclaim my laundry room, i am putting out a new to-do list. up first, the oliver & s lazydays skirt. since it's so quick, i think i will try to make one for each of my nieces, in fall/winter fabric, and hopefully reduce my stash a bit. i have a lot of suiting that i think may work well for this. maybe not, the first one will tell the tale. i'd also really like to make the apple picking tote from purlbee for my mom (and myself), it looks fairly simple as well. i am just having a hard time finding two fabrics i like together in my piles. amazing, that i could have laundry basket after laundry basket and still not have anything that coordinates right.

of course, the actual item that will be tackled first is my maya quilt - it's so close to done, i'm ashamed to even still be writing about it. the poor baby is like three months old already! i ran out of thread on my very last quilting line. seriously, halfway across, my bobbin gave up and there wasn't enough on the spool to finish. so i picked up thread the next day and in the morning light, realized late night sewing doesn't always mean the straightest seams. so i ripped out half of them, and haven't had a chance (or made myself) tackle it again. i used a straightedge and a marking pen, so i'm not sure why i was so crooked. better luck next time (tonight?)

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