Friday, October 24, 2008

gifty goodness

here's my first apple picking tote! i have another almost done, just a few more seams to go. i carried this one around while i ran errands last week, and it held up pretty well, so i am going ahead with plans to make them for christmas gifts. they are very floppy, best for groceries or, well, apples!

i also embellished a store bought tote i had on hand for my niece. a sweet squirrel holding a flower, some satin ribbon trim and her name spelled out in beaded felt. i plan to fill it with books for her gift this year. my daughter said it was beautiful, so i am hoping lyla will like it as well.

i am also about finished cleaning out the laundry room. one shelf of fabric and some notions remain. now that the upstairs is carpeted, i am moving everything back to the guest room. my plans for a craft table i found on craig's list fell through, so i am rethinking the room's design a bit. but i am so glad to have space to fold laundry again!

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