Friday, October 10, 2008

juicy bits and pretty things

are you still visiting me, even though my craftiness has dwindled to a halt lately? if so, thanks. i promise to do better in the future. for now though, let me share this great site that's new to me! juicy bits has a wonderful tutorial on making felt crowns. which i had wanted to make for the party last weekend. i didn't care for any of the felt colors they had at walmart, but now that i've found this tute, i have to try to make it, it's too darling! tomorrow i am going to be in lawrence, alone! and i'm going to hit all of the stores i never get to, like hancock's and hobby lobby and michael's! so cross your fingers i find some beautiful felt to make christmas gifts with.

and craftsbury kids is having another giveaway, which i can't help but try to win. check out littleida for more information about all of the fabulous stuff they're giving to one lucky winner!

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