Wednesday, October 1, 2008

party prep!

no time for sewing this week - i have birthday cakes to make! if you've never seen my cakes before, you can check them out here. this should be an interesting project. i haven't decorated any cakes since our youngest started walking and getting into everything! he turned one today, happy birthday zach!

so here's the plan. my daughter said she wants pink frosting and white frosting with a heart on top (have you seen cinderella 3? she has) and cupcakes and sprinkles too. cousin lyla loves girly, and zach won't care, food is food. i'm planning a tiered pink and white cake for the girls, and some kind of blue smash cake for zach to tear into. maybe a princess crown on top of the cake? or just flowers everywhere? i do know that i need to get busy, i have a lot of cake to bake tomorrow! chocolate fudge cake with cookies and cream filling and buttercream icing, with ice cream on the side, of course. luckily, the menu is pizza, and salad bar, so i don't have to worry about cooking too.

i'm not sure what i'll do about decorating. my sis-in-law got a pinata, that should be a lot of fun! i really hope the weather is nice so all ten kids can be outside. i want to draw a huge chalk maze on the sidewalk and driveway, and do bubbles and all that stuff.

i did make some fabulous applesauce with all the apples my MIL brought us. i filled up the crockpot and got two jars to give as gifts and a big bowl for us to enjoy! and as a bonus, the house smelled delicious too.

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