Sunday, November 30, 2008


ok, it's sad, but i actually had to bargain for some me time this weekend. i have so many almost finished projects and i can't take it anymore! my husband is off every other monday, so tomorrow i should get a good sized chunk of sewing excitement! more importantly, i have got to get some family photos taken for our christmas cards, so i can get them ordered.

my first turkey came out great! i'm not sure why i always thought making a turkey was such a big deal. i mean, i roast chickens all the time. and i cheated a little and used an oven bag, so it stayed nice and juicy. we kept it simple, mom rubbed some olive oil on it, a little thyme and s&p, and 3 hours later, perfection. yes, my mom helped me. i have to admit, i hate messing with raw meat. and what's the deal with that turkey neck/penis anyways? ewwwwww.

we also made smashed red 'tatos, and my fave thing to do with them is throw a few baby carrots in while they boil. it adds nice color with the red skins, and sneaks some extra veggies in. troy hates cooked carrots, but doesn't mind them like this. i made some rolls, which didn't rise like they should, and corn and voila! we had our second turkey dinner of the week.

so, don't forget to check back on wednesday for the big giveaway! i'll post the prize on tuesday so you have extra time to dream about it. yeah, i'm nice like that.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

fat and happy about it

happy turkey day! hope you all got stuffed on yummy food. we followed our tradition of spending the day at troy's mom's, where she makes 50 pounds of potatoes (no joke) and they all get eaten. he's from a rather large catholic family, and they all descend upon bert's farm every year. now that us "kids" have our own kids, it's a madhouse. at one point there were almost twenty little kids jumping on the trampoline!

anyways, great food. i made a spinach and strawberry salad with a poppyseed dressing, and i took over some of my (failed to set up) pepper jelly that we poured over cream cheese and devoured with crackers. there were stuffed mushrooms, there were homemade rolls, does it get any better than that?

i left early so the boys could take naps, thinking i'd get some sewing done. but alex never did fall asleep, so all i did was organize my fabric shelf. and laundry. sigh.

Monday, November 24, 2008

i've been busy!

completed this week:

strawberry freezer jams - plain, strawberry-orange, and strawberry-banana, three jars of each. i plan to give these as gifts for our neighbors, postman, and librarian. and anyone else for whom i need a last minute gift. if i get really ambitious i'll bake some bread to go with them. yum.

washcloths - the princess crown is part of a christmas gift for my niece and the pooh bear is part of a baby gift for a friend. i loved the crown, i learned how to make a bobble! and while i'm not crazy about the bear(or image cloths in general), they went with a winnie the pooh theme for their nursery, so it's appropriate.

i've also been working on aprons, scarves, quilted list takers, and ornaments and i'm making some pumpkin butter today. i'm planning a photo shoot this weekend, for my NEW etsy shop! yes, i am jumping on the etsy craze, and plan to have open by the giveaway day dec. 3.

in between painting all the trim upstairs and cooking my first ever turkey. eek. why do i always do this to myself? oh yeah, because i thrive under pressure.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i am so excited to say,

i'm having my first giveaway! as part of sewmamasew's giveaway day on december 3rd, i will be choosing one lucky person from my comments to receive an extra special prize, handmade by me! make sure to come talk to me that day for your chance to win!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

looking for a neat gift for me? check out these wristlets, i want one! i met katie through a fabric swap, and i am in love with her bags and scarves. so what are you waiting for?


i made this pillow for my farmer mother-in-law's birthday. i had found the pig panel thrifting, not sure what i wanted to make with it, but loving it anyways. the pillow has a tiny bit of quilting on it. i machine quilted the front panel border, and did a little decorative hand quilting on the picture. i also did some rows along the back, just to give it a little interest. the kids love it, which is what i hoped for. i'd like to see a few tussles over which grandkid gets to use the pig pillow at grandma's house! i just hope she actually liked it, because now it's sitting in her living room staring at her!

i would like to get some sewing time in this week - but we're back to home improvements, painting trim and crown moulding. my sweet husband got the new doors hung today. they look great! i think that i'll plan on staying up late a few nights, just to make some progress on gifts. only about 6 weeks left, and knowing myself, i will be scrambling to finish. i did complete a few of my swaps early, which is a relief! i have a dishcloth ready to go tomorrow. and the fun part about that is knowing i will have mail coming my way too! i love seeing what i get in fabric swaps. next year i'd like to be in a quilt blcok swap, but i am too swamped to take that on right now.

Monday, November 10, 2008


here's a look at some burpcloths i made for a friend's baby girl. i used some vintage fabric (from the square swap i was in a few months ago) and sewed them on gerber diapers. and lucky me i had a mesh gift bag left from my own daughter's birth, i think some onesies came in it, and being the packrat i am, i've saved it for four years :) anyways, it fit perfectly to wrap them up in. i love it when i find a use for something like that, i feel so vindicated!

as promised!

i have a few photos to share! i participated in a handmade for baby swap, and i got my package on saturday! all the way from australia came this adorable ensemble. she made the pants from a repurposed chenille bedspread, that she hand dyed. the super cute monkey is made from baby socks and i love that she put a z for zach on the backsack. how funny that she included a nappie from that part of the world! thanks so much minimonty!

and here is what i made for the boy baby i got in the swap, my second baby blanket. it's backed with a blue dot just a shade darker than the background of the train print. i rounded the corners and now i'm trying to decide what to send with it. a ball would be fun but then i need a bigger box to send it in! his mom crochets but doesn't knit, so maybe i will knit him something. anyways, the deadline looms, so i need to get it wrapped up today.

finally, here's a pic of the first quilted list taker i made. it was my sample, so i used some cheater fabric i'm not in love with, but it still turned out ok. just not my style. i will try to finish the three on my table right now and post them later today. much cuter, i promise!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a space of my own

wow! i finally got my craft area! it's nothing glamorous, just a coleman table set up with my iron and cutting mat, sharing space with our guest bed. i've already realized it's not too practical, since i can't have the iron on while the littles are afoot. but it sure beats running up and down the stairs every time i need to press a seam! it will be great for late night work. and of course, i still need to organize better, a lot of things are just dumped on my shelves. but i can walk into my laundry room now, hooray!

to celebrate having so much designated space to lay out work, i have already completed 2 disappearing nine patch blocks - not sure what i will do with them yet - and a quilted list taker! i am putting the finishing touches on a butterfly mobile for a gift, and then i plan to knock out a baby blanket. i feel so inspired! photos coming soon.

speaking of inspiration, sewmamasew is having handmade holidays again. i already see there are several projects i must make. fabric basket, anyone? elsewhere, these toadstool doorstops are awesome! i think i loved everything on her site, especially the ricrac flowers, so check out hannah while you're looking. also on my new faves list, happy zombie. you're welcome.


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