Sunday, November 30, 2008


ok, it's sad, but i actually had to bargain for some me time this weekend. i have so many almost finished projects and i can't take it anymore! my husband is off every other monday, so tomorrow i should get a good sized chunk of sewing excitement! more importantly, i have got to get some family photos taken for our christmas cards, so i can get them ordered.

my first turkey came out great! i'm not sure why i always thought making a turkey was such a big deal. i mean, i roast chickens all the time. and i cheated a little and used an oven bag, so it stayed nice and juicy. we kept it simple, mom rubbed some olive oil on it, a little thyme and s&p, and 3 hours later, perfection. yes, my mom helped me. i have to admit, i hate messing with raw meat. and what's the deal with that turkey neck/penis anyways? ewwwwww.

we also made smashed red 'tatos, and my fave thing to do with them is throw a few baby carrots in while they boil. it adds nice color with the red skins, and sneaks some extra veggies in. troy hates cooked carrots, but doesn't mind them like this. i made some rolls, which didn't rise like they should, and corn and voila! we had our second turkey dinner of the week.

so, don't forget to check back on wednesday for the big giveaway! i'll post the prize on tuesday so you have extra time to dream about it. yeah, i'm nice like that.

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