Monday, November 10, 2008

as promised!

i have a few photos to share! i participated in a handmade for baby swap, and i got my package on saturday! all the way from australia came this adorable ensemble. she made the pants from a repurposed chenille bedspread, that she hand dyed. the super cute monkey is made from baby socks and i love that she put a z for zach on the backsack. how funny that she included a nappie from that part of the world! thanks so much minimonty!

and here is what i made for the boy baby i got in the swap, my second baby blanket. it's backed with a blue dot just a shade darker than the background of the train print. i rounded the corners and now i'm trying to decide what to send with it. a ball would be fun but then i need a bigger box to send it in! his mom crochets but doesn't knit, so maybe i will knit him something. anyways, the deadline looms, so i need to get it wrapped up today.

finally, here's a pic of the first quilted list taker i made. it was my sample, so i used some cheater fabric i'm not in love with, but it still turned out ok. just not my style. i will try to finish the three on my table right now and post them later today. much cuter, i promise!

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Leah said...

Your very welcome. Im glad you liked them. Love your blog!
I'II be popping back. Ta Leah


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