Sunday, November 16, 2008


i made this pillow for my farmer mother-in-law's birthday. i had found the pig panel thrifting, not sure what i wanted to make with it, but loving it anyways. the pillow has a tiny bit of quilting on it. i machine quilted the front panel border, and did a little decorative hand quilting on the picture. i also did some rows along the back, just to give it a little interest. the kids love it, which is what i hoped for. i'd like to see a few tussles over which grandkid gets to use the pig pillow at grandma's house! i just hope she actually liked it, because now it's sitting in her living room staring at her!

i would like to get some sewing time in this week - but we're back to home improvements, painting trim and crown moulding. my sweet husband got the new doors hung today. they look great! i think that i'll plan on staying up late a few nights, just to make some progress on gifts. only about 6 weeks left, and knowing myself, i will be scrambling to finish. i did complete a few of my swaps early, which is a relief! i have a dishcloth ready to go tomorrow. and the fun part about that is knowing i will have mail coming my way too! i love seeing what i get in fabric swaps. next year i'd like to be in a quilt blcok swap, but i am too swamped to take that on right now.

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